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3 Data Trends you need to know

19 Apr

The South by South West festival provides a great platform for the latest and greatest in emerging technologies, touting digital innovations which will revolutionise the way we interact, both within business and in all other facets of our lives.

The three that proved to be the most inspirational at this year’s festival (and definitely ones to watch in the future!) were:

1) 3D Printing – Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot, revealed the Digitizer, a desktop scanner that scans physical items, digitalises them and prints them in 3D. No design skills needed! In essence, it is a fiendishly complicated piece of software – run remotely across the web from banks of supercomputers – that makes the process of modelling, simulation and design optimisation deceptively simple and incredibly fast.

2) Computation – Stephen Wolfram unveiled his computation engine Wolfram Alpha, which uses advanced built-in knowledge programmed by human experts to formulate a specific answer to every query. More than just another search engine, Wolfram Alpha actually solves problems for you as opposed to pointing you to a link. Wolfram Alpha is an ambitious, long-term intellectual endeavor that has the intention of delivering increasing capabilities over the years and decades to come – why go to a GP to diagnose your illness when a computation engine will be able to combine data from body sensors to provide a more efficient diagnosis than any human?

3) Data – data formed an integral part of this year’s South by South West Festival, with the emphasis focused on how data can be constantly collected for technological enhancements. For example, Google Glass has an always-on data capture feature that collates information about the personal world we interact with. Of course, this could also signal the end of privacy as we know it…

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