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Brands go Appy

19 Aug

As mobile apps make up so much of our day-to-day interactions, we are questioning the crossover they now have into our business lives.


So many brands have already capitalised on the boom of apps like Snapchat and Instagram to create innovative and compelling marketing campaigns to reach a brand new target audience. Using Snapchat's newer features of piecing together multiple snapshots or longer video clips and posting them for 24 hours, companies like MTV UK have premiered the return of hit shows e.g. Geordie Shore by tantalising their followers with juicy excerpts from the new series. Similarly, Instagram's ease of posting photos and filter editing to make them into beautiful and alluring visuals has meant that the app allows for the swift creation of intimate and loyal brand communities. Fashion brands have capitalised on this particularly well, with companies such as Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade making their luxury products seem accessible to all.


Econsultancy posed a question on their Twitter asking users to comment on the best/ most used app downloaded in the last month. It seems that the apps which engaged most with consumers are the ones that can save you time e.g. an app like Citymapper which, as every Londoner knows, is an absolute essential when navigating public transport routes in the city, or apps which fill time productively or help you to feel like you have learnt something e.g. TED talks, whose mission statement is facilitating ideas worth spreading.


Therefore, should brands be looking deeper into what their social communities give back to their users?


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