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Cadbury has a real passion for purple

09 Oct
Cadbury has used the same purple pantone shade in its packaging since 1914. Earlier this month, a high court judge, Colin Briss ruled that colours could be trademark protected. In November 2011 the IPO accepted that Cadbury showed significant evidence of using the colour purple on a long-term basis and the "evidence clearly supports a finding that purple is distinctive of Cadbury for milk chocolate".

The ruling only protects Cadbury’s Milk Chocolates and does not extend to Cadbury’s boxes of chocolates or dark or white chocolate. Fiona McBride, partner and trademark attorney at Withers & Rogers, said: "It can be difficult to prove sufficient use to demonstrate that the colour has become synonymous with the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Cadbury’s passion for purple paid off in the end. Other brands that have fought in the name of a colour are Christian Louboutin’s and his love of a red-soled shoe. He battled it out with Yves Saint-Laurent (YSL), and he too was granted trademark protection.
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