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Domain names set for major changes

01 Jun
Digital & Design Recruitment News

Big news from the digital world. For the very first time, companies will be able to create their own branded domain names, rather than being restricted to standard geographical domains such as .com or

The news from ICANN, the body responsible for the structure of the web, has already attracted big brands, such as Hitachi and Canon, to show their interest into this new form of digital signposting.

This is great news for those wanting more control over how their brand is represented online, as a .brand owner will have exclusive rights to use of their brand in any possible variation. This protects against the current problem, particularly of blue chip companies, who suffer from domain squatters buying up domain variations of big brand domains meant to capture traffic intended for the blue chip brands.

Therefore, this new form of domain will act as sign of authentication that the whatever content the page displays being authorized directly by the brand.

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