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19 Aug

Fashion Market Trends

If you have a soft spot for beauty and fashion blogs or magazines or anything related to the subject, you must have wondered at some point what makes the images and videos look so attractive and mesmerising. Designers breathe life into brands and images for the fashion and retail industry. Without them, no brand could succeed in tempting customers the way they do. But what does it take to join in?


Print creative is standing strong, despite an ever-growing digital market.  We are now seeing Graphic Designers designing in-store more frequently, not only limited to window graphics, but mocking up window displays and in-store design. This has led to a rise in the need for additional skill sets including 3D Design (Sketchup, CAD, etc). Digital Designers are reaping the benefits of freelancing in a candidate short market for higher rates, meaning that any permanent Digital Designers are recruited quickly as there is a shortage for this skill set on a permanent basis. Businesses have had to be reactive to this, thinking a lot more about the packages they are offering and conducting a short and snappy interview process to reflect a fast moving, candidate-driven market.


Digital Design is increasingly less about a brochure style and more about responsive design and the user-friendly journey; the candidates who can match UX and appearance have strong agency backgrounds not specifically fashion. We have seen less emphasis on brand matching than is traditional in fashion, as more teams instead seek a good culture fit and overall design style to inject fresh ideas into their projects. Integrated Designers are the flavour of the month with brands looking for Designers that have the ability to work across online and offline projects.


The market shift to a candidate driven process means businesses no longer have the luxury of long and drawn out interview processes or being slow at feedback/ offer stages – they need to recognise the change in the market and react accordingly in order to attract and retain the best talent ahead of competitors. This includes thinking outside the box when considering a candidate’s background.


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