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Facebook display adverts 'can be effective'

23 Apr
Those seeking creative jobs may agree that Facebook can be an effective platform for advertising strategies.

According to Andrew Girdwood, head of search at bigmouthmedia, the social networking site can often suit geographic-based campaigns.

He observed that although the site is not catered primarily towards advertising, it can be "a fantastic place to put ads".

Mr Girdwood went on to explain that promotions that take geography into account "works particularly well because you can tie that ad into a human interest and target it more personally".

The correspondent also claimed it is important to have a goal when entering social media advertising, while experimentation could be done to work out an initial plan.

According to recent comScore data received by Mashable, Facebook now accounts for 41 per cent of social networking traffic.

MySpace was the second most visited destination with 24 per cent of activity, while Twitter had eight per cent.ADNFCR-2176-ID-19738117-ADNFCR
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