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Fashion jobs: Men in 2010 'more image-conscious'

01 Apr
Men appear to be more concerned about issues related to image than in previous years, according to an expert whose comments may interest those seeking jobs in fashion.

David Waters, a menswear expert, responded to news from Marks & Spencer (M&S) that two in five males would prefer to lose two inches around their waist than see England win the World Cup.

Regarding a recent M&S launch of a range of body control t-shirts and vests, he stated: "The response to this product has been quite surprising, I think, even to M&S ? it's really flying ? a result of men wanting to look their best."

Mr Waters went on to add that compared with previous times, men are now more open about issues related to their body.

The research from the company also showed that 36 per cent of males would give up alcohol indefinitely if it meant they could fit into a slimmer pair of jeans.ADNFCR-2176-ID-19701291-ADNFCR
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