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How To Choose A Freelance Agency

06 Jun
Posted by: Nicola Shepherd

It’s a big decision choosing an agency to work with as a freelancer, and it pays to do your research before you commit. Profiles Creative has fifteen years of experience working with creative freelancers, so here’s what you should look for….

Who are their agency clients?

It makes sense to ensure the agency you work with work with the kinds of clients you want to be out working for. At Profiles Creative, we work with an eclectic mix of design, digital, PR and marketing agencies that cover virtually ever specialism going. Agencies can offer some of the most portfolio enhancing and cutting edge work in the freelance market.

Do they work with in house clients too?

Profiles Creative has an equally wide choice of in-house clients across all industries who regularly need freelance help. These opportunities allow you to work at the heart of brands while adding real depth and value to your CV.

How much variety will there be?

Whether you work agency, in house or both, the one thing you’re sure to notice with us is the variety. Due to our multiple divisions, our reach is long and wide, offering you a huge variety of clients with jobs that you can benefit from.

How much say will you get?

At Profiles, we meet all of our freelancers face to face so we can get to grips with exactly what it is you’re looking for, so we can tailor our search to match your needs. You get to hand pick the projects you feel are right for you and when you do and don’t want to work.

What will communication be like?

For a relationship with a recruitment agency to work, there needs to be open, two way communication at all times. At Profiles, you’ll have your own consultant who’s always ready to take your call and will maintain regular contact. We’ll also provide you with a clear picture of the briefs we’re offering and of the clients you’ll be working with.

When do you get paid?

Crucial information! We pay all our freelancers weekly so you won’t have to wait too long to see the fruits of your labour!

If you’d like to speak to someone in more detail about freelancing through Profiles, please drop off your portfolio here and someone will be in touch to discuss.

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