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Kids fashion 'growing in importance'

10 Jun
Children's clothing is becoming increasingly important in comparison to parental attire when it comes to fashion spending, a new study has suggested.

Sheilas' Wheels home insurance found that while 76 per cent of parents are reducing their fashion outgoings amid the recession, 43 per cent are refusing to make cutbacks when it comes to their offspring's outfits.

This was reflected in shopping trends, with many mums and dads willing to buy from cheaper retailers like Primark, while continuing to purchase their children's wardrobes from designer brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch.

Jacky Brown of Sheilas' Wheels claimed it is evident that there is pressure on parents to keep youngsters looking fashionable.

"This has almost led to a two-tier family shopping experience with kids coming out on top when it comes to brand names and parents cutting back on their spending," the spokesperson said.

This week, Company magazine's Oonagh Brennan stated that many women are not looking to invest in expensive items of clothing at the moment, but are seeking a "quick fix" to satisfy their shopping needs.
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