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LG Strategic U-turn

02 May

LG have made a u-turn in its marketing strategy, targeting style conscious women consumers rather than the "geek" market. It is hoped that move will enable them to stand out in the crowded smartphone market.


May will see the launch of a £4m multimedia marketing campaign to promote LG’s new range of L-Series smartphones, targeting the style conscious female market. According to LG’s consumer electronics marketing director Steve Gater, it is hoped that this will fill the gap in the market of users wanting attractive, affordable phones


The new focus, which reverses the brand’s strategy of 2011 to target early technology adopters, will plug a gap in the market of consumers looking for attractive but affordable smartphones, according to LG’s consumer electronics marketing director Steve Gater.


"The L-Series campaign will be aimed at those individuals looking to either ‘migrate’ from a feature phone to a smartphone, or those who are looking to upgrade their current smartphone. A lot of people want the functionality of a smartphone but don’t want to pay £40 per month for the privilege, especially young people."


According to comScore , LG has only a 1% share of the smartphone market. Its closest UK rivals are Motorola (0.6%) and Sony (6%) however worldwide, LG Mobile’s operating profit more than tripled in Q1 of 2012 to 39 billion Korean Won (£21.2m) after an increase in the proportion of smartphone sales.

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