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National Freelance Day

21 Nov

Today is National Freelancers Day!

21st November 2013 is the fifth National Freelancers Day, bringing together business leaders, political heavyweights and independent professionals to reflect on the power of the freelance model (

Thank you, Freelancers

Being so directly and constantly connected with the power of the freelance model, we the Freelance Team at Profiles Creative, more than most, have the pleasure to meet, advise, introduce, reference, consult, admire, nurture and (sometimes) cajole and critique freelancers and the businesses that need them. Too rarely, we feel, do we get a chance thank you.

Freelancers keep the UK nimble, smart and prosperous. You allow businesses to adapt, to react to turmoil, to stay innovative and creative. In prosperity and uncertainty, through the best of times and the worst of times, Freelancers animate and motivate the businesses they lend their time to. The Creative Sector (our area) relies especially on you. Throughout the daily cut-and-thrust, quarterly reviews and annual awards ceremonies, the celebration of that contribution is too often unjustly muted. Not today.

Today is your day

Today we want to say thank you.

For every time you save a project

For every time you do a week's work in 3 days

For every time someone asks "Have you got more portfolio examples?" for something you've done every day for 10 years

For every time you stay working while everyone else goes to the pub

For every time the people you work with dont bother to learn your name

For every time you agree to work the only day in a month you'd set aside for life admin

For every holiday you don't take

For every company party you don't get invited do, even if you ran the winning pitch

For every time you have no desk to work on

Every time you turn up to find the office has moved and no-one told you

For every time a deadline changes

For every time no-one explains the filing system

For every booking that gets cancelled at the last minute

For every overdue invoice you have to chase

For every booking you take at a lower rate than you wanted

And for every other time you deserve it!

Thank you, from Profiles Creative

If you'd like to get in touch, contact the consultant you know or all of us on / 0207 336 0034. For the quickest access to our news, jobs and insights, follow us @ProfilesAgency.

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