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New iPhone Course Launches in Ireland

22 Mar

A new course organised by the University of Ulster is set to get underway in April giving would be developers the chance to learn how to build their own iPhone apps.

"Mobile devices like iPhone and iPads are rapidly becoming a staple of everyday living, and more and more content creators are seeking to deploy apps as a gateway to media, entertainment, productivity and information." Said Course Director, Greg O’Hanlon from the School of Creative Arts.

The course will give students an introduction to the fundamentals of development and deliver a full knowledge of the environment, tools, hardware and frameworks to build apps – both informational and entertainment.

An Introduction to iPhone Development will commence on April 21 and run from 11am – 1pm every Saturday for twelve weeks.


For further information contact: Greg O’Hanlon, School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster, Magee, on: 028 71675529 or email:

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