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£100m campaign VisitBritain kicks off with international British Celebrities

20 Jun
In an incredible bid to promote the UK tourism over the next four years, VisitBritain  has launched a £100million global campaign including some of our most internationally recongisable celebrities: Dame Judi Dench, Jamie Oliver, Dev Patel, Twiggy and Rupert Everett.

This celebrity campaign is scheduled to last for two years and includes five short films, a consistent digital and social networking presence and a television advert. The choice of celebrities themselves, is designed to reflect specific attractions for the visiting tourist: Judi Dench focuses on Britain’s heritage and history, Jamie Oliver naturally centres on British food and dining, Rupert Everett promotes the UK’s theatre scene, Twiggy on all things UK fashion and Dev Patel celebrates the multi-cultural elements of the UK.

Laurence Bresh, Director of Marketing at the National Tourism Agency, is leading the campaign which is partnered with the BBC to reach a wider worldwide audience. Its target is to increase overseas visitors to the UK, with an emphasis on increasing these figures leading to the 2012 Olympics and beyond.

£50million funding has come from The Government on condition that this figure is matched by commercial partners, a list which already includes brands such as, British Airways, American Express and easyJet.
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