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Profiles Presents: The Road to Ecommerce

10 May


An interview with luxury fashion Ecommerce Director Pamela Reynolds. 

Profiles Presents is our brand new blog series involving interviews with our top talented candidates. We love to get to know the people we work with, what makes them tick and how they’ve successfully carved out their dream careers.
Jade Watson is our Senior Fashion Consultant, she sat down with luxury Ecommerce Director Pamela Reynolds to really understand how Digital & Ecommerce works in the fashion world. 

If you fancy learning more about the world of fashion then read on: 


Jade: How did you land in Ecommerce?

Pamela: I had my first look into Ecommerce when I co-founded I Heart Studios in 2008. It is primarily an Ecommerce photography business which is still running and based in Bermondsey.  We would work with all kinds of companies across any number of projects like look books, content marketing, Ecommerce photography and product enrichment. It was through I Heart Studios that I met the team at Harvey Nichols and the timing was right to make a move so I joined as Website Manager and 6 years later here I am, Head of Online at HN, soon to be Ecommerce Director at Chinti & Parker. 
J: What interested you about it?
P: The most exciting part of Ecommerce for me is the technology and how many levers there are to balance to get it right. I like the challenge of keeping up with the ever changing landscape and balancing customer service elements with trade opportunities. 
J: How do you think Ecommerce differs in premium to fast fashion?
P: Stock availability and replen, in the luxury market being the first online with new season is critical, it maximises the sell through. On the high street, building a large scale campaign around a dress you have a large stock holding for makes for a strong marketing calendar. Within the luxury market you may only buy 1 size run of a dress and the price point is £7K so you need to be more creative in your campaign delivery and flexible to low stock situations.   
J: What are the challenges you face in retaining customers?
P: Customers need a reason to come back in addition to the product unless you happen to have an exclusive. Great customer service, fast delivery, rewards programs, exclusives and appreciation for their first and returning visit goes a long way. 

J: How do you approach personalisation?

P: Start with basics and make sure it’s working is step one. Clean data, clear and defined reporting and offering customers a way to feed into what they receive from you is absolutely critical. 
J: Are more customers using mobile over desktop? How do you approach that?

P: Our mobile customer is key as they account for 60% of our traffic. Focused on that traffic we prioritised our roadmap around mobile first, rebuilt our listing pages this year and will focus on a responsive approach for the remaining trade areas in FY18. 
J: Do you see the benefit in celebrity collaborations to profile a brand?
P: We launched Fenty Beauty exclusively with Rihanna in September 2017 and it’s been a huge success in the UK. Some customers in international markets don’t seem to be keen on celebrity brands but in the UK we have found quite a lot of success. 


J: Where do you see digital going in 2018?
P: Everyone is talking about personalisation and AI. 

J: What would you tell your younger self now about starting in this business?
P: It’s a very small world so make sure you take the time to network in the industry and attend relevant talks, conferences and meetups to see what other people are working on. The industry is pretty open to sharing what they’re doing so take advantage of it. 
If you’re a Digital & Ecommerce specialist with a passion for fashion then contact Jade to see where your next opportunity could be! Email: / 0207 3240 477

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