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Social media is the future for marketers in fashion jobs

25 Mar
People working in fashion jobs should brush up on their social media skills as the industry is starting to embrace location-based social marketing.

Digital marketing expert Macala Wright Lee, writing for Mashable, said Marc Jacobs has already set the trend by streaming fashion shows online.

The brand has also embraced mobile phone application Foursquare to support its brand-building exercises and created a Fashion Victim badge which had to be unlocked in a Marc by Marc Jacobs store. Participants could win tickets to the Marc Jacobs show.

Marketers in fashion jobs can be expected to continue using new avenues to improve loyalty and boost sales, as marketing consultant Shari Doherty says "entertaining and interactive experiences" will become more commonplace in the industry.

Twitter has already been embraced by many people in high-profile fashion jobs, with updates sent from the front row of every fashion week.

The microblogging site is also used by designers such as Karl Lagerfeld - whose tweets are rather philosophic - and Stefano Gabbana.

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