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Studio Output Revamp Glastonbury Branding

26 Jun
Studio Output has refreshed the Glastonbury brand to reflect the festival’s more mainstream appeal. The new branding references the history of the festival by incorporating the iconic pyramid stage into the identity in a new way.

‘A big part of the brief was that they wanted to update the pyramid device. It was a bit ‘hippy’ before, and now Glastonbury is much more mainstream’ – Alun Edwards, Creative Director at Studio Output.

The existing typography has been updated to make it more legible with the ‘A’ in Glastonbury now represented by an illuminated pyramid refereeing to the famous stage. The accompanying animated sting was created in partnership with Studio Output’s moving image partner Found.The new branding will be used across promotional materials, at the Glastonbury festival site and on the BBC webpage.
Who's Hiring?
21 Jun 2021
Who's Hiring?
 The last year has been challenging for us all but finally, we’re seeing light at the end...