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Wife Swap, The Creative Way

17 Aug
Need some serious creative rejuvenation? The Creative Swap initiative might be just what the doctor ordered.

Ever wonder what it would be like to work in someone else’s creative design shoes for just a couple of days without giving up your job?

Maybe you’re a tad bit curious about what your creative peers are up to in the industry, or you might just need a change of scenery for some much needed creative inspiration?

Sane&Able founder Alan Long has come up with a creative initiative called Creative Swap, which makes all of the above possible.

He is offering the chance to creative companies across the UK to exchange their talented staff for one working week.

People work for the same companies for years and they get used to solving problems a certain way as well as applying the same processes, therefore idea development can become limited and somewhat stale,’ says Long.

It seems long hopes to encourage idea regeneration and innovation by removing people from their comfort zones for a few days and into a new workspace.

The aim behind long’s initiative is simple- to get those creative juices flowing in a whole new way.

Creative Swap takes place from 24-28 September. The deadline for registration is 31 August. For more information go to:
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