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Brett Dawes

Lead Consultant
Focussing his efforts on freelance creative roles in London, Brett has been with Profiles Creative since 2013 and in that time has solidified himself as a specialist within events, experiential marketing, retail design and advertising creative.

After originally joining as a consultant, he worked through the ranks to become a Lead Creative Consultant with a network of relationships spanning London's top agencies, boutique creative studios and some of the more recognisable names in fashion and retail. Always quick to share his insights in the office, his exuberant nature also extends to the stage, screen and radio waves where he used to ply his trade as a professional actor.

Every company that I’ve been placed in through Brett has been a great fit. He is held in high regard by each of the clients that I’ve worked for and is an all-round good guy to know. He makes the process of freelancing seem like he’s more your personal agent than a recruiter.

Andy, Art Director
Brett Dawes, Lead Consultant, Profiles Creative