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Harvey Morgan

Office Agony Uncle

Harvey James Morgan joined us back in 2014 and from day one, he was one of the lads.  The perfect office pooch, Harvey is equally as happy having a snooze under a desk as he is being taken out for a scamper by a recruiter who needs some air.  

In another life, Harvey would definitely have been a surfer (he really is so chilled out!) and one of his favourite things to do is jump in muddy lakes, just before Liza (his owner) needs to leave for work.

Harvey brings a serenity to our office that we simply wouldn't do without.  He's a buddy to everyone and patiently listens to us all if we need an ear.

Harvey's favourite things include: bin diving, fish skins, trying to be assertive with Pudding and ... did somebody say ... BALLS!


Harvey Morgan, Office Agony Uncle, Profiles Creative