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Assistant Brand Manager - Major Luxury Brand

  • Salary: Competitive Package
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Location: London
  • Industry: Marketing, Fashion
Job description Assistant Brand Manager - Major Luxury Brand

This iconic brand are consistently cutting edge in terms of customer experience and remain very much at the forefront in the spectrum of luxury brands globally. We are looking for a strong base of marketing experience in an insight-lead product focused role, ideally within luxury goods. This person will be in control of the brand's detail and demonstrate absolute command of every aspect of the brand, including market knowledge, product management, brand budget and execution of in-store activity.

Assistant Brand Manager - Major Luxury Brand


1) In-depth Market Knowledge

Make it a priority to learn about the market by collating all necessary facts, figures and insights. In conjunction with the Group Brand Manager, examine and analyse the market in-depth - and on a regular basis - to gain a full understanding of the beauty marketplace, including:

Under the guidance of the Group Brand Manager:
* Campaign analysis of every launch (qualitative & quantitative for P1 campaigns), and of relevant competitor initiatives
* Analysis of market share movements from NPD panels
* Identification of issues requiring market research (gap analysis)
* Regularly visiting stores/online browsing to stay aware of market trends

Facts, Figures, Insights
*Turnover & Unit tracking documents (invoice sales)
* Price tracking
* Budget Management

2) Product Management

Under the Group Brand Manager's guidance, be the primary person responsible for good day-to-day management of the brand's product portfolio, and of individual products and references:

* Regularly forecast for new products and other SPM materials
* Attend quarterly forecasting (Validation) meetings

Catalogue Management
* Ongoing management of products
* In conjunction with Sales Department and Senior Brand Manager, examine each new product's market potential before launch; and its real performance after launch
* Balance additions to product catalogue with appropriate product discontinuations
* Attend monthly supply chain (Progress) meeting

3) Annual In-store Activity Plans - Campaign Management

Under the Group Brand Manager's guidance, be the primary person responsible for overseeing the creation and production of the brand's in-store activity plans:

Execution of Plan
* Keep annual activity plan up to date
* Follow projects through to execution and delivery (e.g. POS tools - sampling, tester units, sites, windows, printing materials…)
* Ensure proper sign-off (Group Brand Manager/ Head of Marketing) of projects under development at all stages
* In conjunction with Brand Manager and the Retail Department, develop specific UK initiatives (e.g. Special Events, events for specific stores)

Cycle Selling Material
Be the primary person responsible for ensuring sales, training and display departments receive the elements required to do their jobs effectively:
* Regular liaison with Sales Department to ensure relevance of plans and materials being planned
* Preparation of the Cycle documents each quarter, especially sales order office and sell-in
* Collation and sending out of sell-in presentation in conjunction with the Brand Intern

4) Brand Budget

Be the primary person responsible for the day-to-day updating of the brand budget and liaise with Group Brand Manager on changes:
* Ensure accuracy of budget reporting and coding (invoices, purchase requisitions)
* Keep the Brand Manager closely involved in any and all budget changes

5) Product Display and Merchandising

In conjunction with the Group Brand Manager:
* Work closely with the design and merchandising teams - briefing for local production materials and making adjustments as necessary
* Inform, and work with, Merchandising Manager well in advance of new launches (so that merchandising codes remain appropriately up to date at all times

To Apply
For your chance to be part of this slick, forward thinking, ultimate house of luxury, please send your CV via the link on this portal.
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