Do you need to hire a Creative AI Technologist?

Do you need to hire a Creative AI Technologist?

Joe Faulkner
May 14, 2024

With the use of Gen AI tools set to sharply increase, we are seeing Agency leaders face a critical decision about their AI strategy, integration into current working methodologies and the knock on effect on hiring decisions.  

Our annual Market Review highlighted a whole host of trends but a particularly eye-catching finding emerged; 

  • 75% of Leaders believe they will be using AI more in the next 12 months. However, a staggering 58% of companies DO NOT currently use AI in their day to day work. 
  • Agencies across the UK acknowledge the use of generative AI tools will feature heavily in the near future but for many, it appears the challenge is now to incorporate AI from a standing start.

Agency leaders are faced with making a technological leap which could end in quite a pivot from traditional ways of working. If you aren’t asking these questions of your Agency currently - it’s a pretty safe assumption that your Clients will be asking them of you soon enough. In an economically challenging time it can be daunting to think about the investment requirements to bring AI technology into the heart of how you work but some would argue it’s more risky not to get onboard.

To help you navigate this challenge here are a few things you will need to consider. In our own mission to better understand AI and how we might adopt some of the opportunity it affords we have confidentially interviewed a number of senior leaders from within Creative AI pioneers to gain all their secrets - these prompts are signposts from them:

  1. Know the right tool for the job.

Integrating AI across the Creative Process, extends far beyond pockets of executional Creative output. Business goals and cases need to be scrutinised before selecting the right tools to implement. A clear vision of what you want and need to achieve is crucial, before investing money and time wisely on the right technologies. 

By the time you have sat down to research this, your knowledge will be out of date. Playing catch up will mean you are likely missing something current and NOW. You most likely need to access this expertise through someone who has been part of the AI journey for longer than you have been thinking about it.

  1. Take people with you.

Like any transformational initiative, game-changing success will only be achieved by a unified workforce buying-in to a collective new vision / process. It’s quite likely that at least some members of your team will be feeling somewhat vulnerable or concerned that they might lose space to technology. Efficiencies will definitely be made - that’s the whole point of the tech but reassure your team that the robots are not coming to get them. They are coming to make life easier.

It’s Nice That’s report revealed that its’ senior members of staff who are most frequently using AI tools, with heads of department representing the most regular users (71%). 

  1. It’s unlikely to be a one off investment.

It’s a fast moving space - new tools are entering the market at a constant rate. An ongoing commitment to R&D will be required to stay abreast of developments and the opportunities available. By only sporadically investing time and resources, you face losing momentum and being left behind. The best agencies will explore with a rigour that will underpin training, implementation and the results that follow.

We know that this is difficult to conceptualise in the current economy but you need to be realistic about this and allocate budget to it likely before you will see the return in efficiencies.

  1. Don’t forget to read the smallprint.

The lightening pace that the scene develops brings excitement and opportunity. It should also bring a sense of scrutiny and caution. Gen AI tools and their outputs are essentially driven by one thing, data... With that, presents a need to understand regulations, governance and compliance. 

  1. Show don’t tell.

Your clients will be looking for you to lead on this. If it hasn’t already, it’s almost certainly going to feature in pitches, rate card / pricing strategies conversations you are going to be having with your Clients. Everyone is looking for efficiencies at the moment - do you need support showing your Clients how they can save in some areas to maximise investment in others? Make it a conversation about opportunity rather than cost.

How we can help you.

TALENT.  Or in this case, more specifically, a Creative AI Technologist (or similarly skilled technology wizard.) 

This is the person you need to help you review and shape your own agency processes and even to help you talk to your clients about shaping theirs.  Let’s show you what they can do:  

Ethan Mollick, Wharton Professor and AI researcher, sums up what they can do for you best;

“Working at the intersection of AI and creativity. Helping clients to understand and make use of the latest advances in deep learning. As well as driving the internal adoption of machine learning.”

Your Hiring options:

We’ve been busy building dedicated talent pools of candidates who have the requisite technical and creative credentials. In addition to all their technical strengths, an ability to communicate effectively and connect with your different stakeholders (internal and external) is key. 

Option 1 - The Creative AI Consultant.  An interim freelance solution.

Depending on the maturity of your existing operation, budget and  headcount - hiring a Creative AI Technologist as a Consultant is an opportunity to match your appetite for AI with an affordable way to scale.

We are working with people who are well versed and motivated to deliver a scope of work over a number of months, that includes auditing, consultation, initial implementation and training. 

You enjoy the expertise of a specialist that works with you to instil a sustainable model and culture of learning. Be prepared for objective thinking and scrutiny but enjoy results without the commitment of a permanent hire. A lower commitment, agile  solution to an ongoing priority.    

Reach out to learn more about hiring a Creative AI Consultant for your agency - or email 

Option 2 - Hiring a Perm Creative AI Leader

Someone who knows how to deliver top notch Creative by weaving technology solutions seamlessly into the production to afford you advancements in speed, efficiency and output.  A senior player who will help you entrench AI methodologies into your business and someone who will influence and strategise with your internal and external stakeholders to your benefit.  

We have identified talent in the market that combines these very rare traits who are now motivated to join an ambitious agency in a full time capacity. 

If investment and  ambition align, hiring a Permanent Creative AI Technologist could be the best talent decision you make over the next 12 months. In terms of cost, think of a comparable level to that of your CD. You’re hiring a multi-skilled specialist to sit alongside your Senior Leaders and to future-proof your business. 

Furthermore, you’ll be making a hiring decision that gives both your clients and staff confidence and sets you apart from the chasing pack. 

Heard enough? Reach out for a confidential chat regarding hiring a Perm Creative AI Leader - or email 


In equal measures we are hearing from Agency leaders that they are both energised and daunted by the compelling need to more closely embrace advancements in AI. It’s not a simple leap to make without expertise from the tech / AI community to guide you. Ultimately, the question most Agency leaders are facing is not WILL they be building AI methodologies into their working practices but WHEN. If you haven’t started thinking about this already then we’re hopeful this piece will have encouraged you to start.

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