It's Mental Health Week Every Week

It's Mental Health Week Every Week

May 17, 2023

1 in 4 of us experiences a mental health problem each year. 

With mental ill-health being the single largest cause of disability in the UK it’s no surprise that it’s a growing public health concern. And rightly so.

When the cost of living crisis hit us hot on the heels of the pandemic, it’s hardly surprising that so many of us suffer.

But mental health isn’t always triggered by external events. It’s nuanced and individual. 

And whilst we can’t always do or say the perfect thing, we must try harder. 

That’s why every week (not just this week) we’ve created a safe space to nurture our mental health at work.

It’s why we’ve appointed a mental health first aider.

Why do companies need a mental health first aider?

As a first point of contact for those experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress, having a designated point of contact sends an important message.

As employers, we need our team to know that we’re looking out for their mental health. Not because of some stat on productivity, but because the wellbeing of our employees matters.

What does a mental health first aider do?

It’s not always easy to spot the early signs of mental ill-health in others. But MH first aiders are taught to signpost someone to the right level of support. 

They’re equipped to deal with emergencies too, things like psychosis, thoughts of suicide, or attempted suicide. 

They also:

  • Start conversations with those experiencing emotional distress.

  • Maintain confidentiality as appropriate.

  • Assess the risk of suicide or self-harm.

  • Encourage the person to access the right support or strategies for self-help.

A safe place to talk

To reduce the stigma around mental health, we need dedicated people to talk to to prevent employees from suffering. A safe space where we can talk and listen and not feel judged.

We need to feel safe to approach the topic and we need to feel well at work. 

How to qualify as a mental health first aider

There are a number of places to train but it’s worth knowing that MHFA England is the only qualification to be endorsed by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

You can find them on social by searching: @MHFAEngland.

Our mighty MHFA trained with MHFA England. Speaking of which...

Meet Amy!


Amy’s been doing awesome things for Profiles for nearly four years. She stepped up to be our MHFA because she truly appreciates the importance of our team's wellbeing. 

When she’s not supporting our team to feel as good as they can, Amy is one of our amazing Recruiters, working on some of our key accounts. 

Otherwise Amy’s a talented artist and has worked in the art departments of some brill indie films. Her love of all things creative extends beyond work, and she visits galleries whenever she can.

Basically, she’s good people.


This year's mental health day theme is anxiety. 

60% of UK adults have experienced anxiety that interferes with their daily lives in the past two weeks. 

We’re glad it’s being talked about. And whilst everyone talks about awareness - which is a great start - sometimes we need solutions on how to prevent anxiety from becoming a problem. 

If you want to know more about Mental Health week this year, check out the resources here.

You can also support the convo on social by using the hashtag #ToHelpMyAnxiety.

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