Talent Chooses Inclusive Spaces

Talent Chooses Inclusive Spaces

June 14, 2023

Since it’s Pride month and there’s a lot of talk around the topic of Diversity & Inclusion at the minute, we thought now would be a great time to see what we can do to help businesses work well with the next generation of talent. It takes more than a cake sale to foster inclusivity at work. More than a rainbow on your logo, or a parade where you drink in the sun.

Pride is about fighting for equal rights and being respected. It's about validating the intersections. Feeling at home in yourself. Honouring those who paved the way. After all, this party was once a protest. It's nuanced and multidimensional and when there's a lot to say, there's a lot to learn.

What do Hiring Managers need to know?

The next generations’ gender identities are changing.

According to the Stonewall report, 2022 29% of Gen Z identify as gay, lesbian, bi or trans. And only 53 per cent of Gen Z consider themselves exclusively straight. 40 per cent have patterns of attraction that could be described as queer. 

From a recruitment pov, understanding inclusivity isn't nice to have, it's fundamental.

For a long time, hiring with diversity in mind was an afterthought. Businesses were built but inclusivity wasn't convenient. Today's talent looks for work where diversity matters. Where differing identities can flourish and feel free. Actually, 72% of UK job seekers and employees say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.

What we’re doing about this

On the 21st June, we’re collaborating with our sister brand Triibe and hosting ‘Inclusion 101’ a free, remote, online event.

We’ll have a speaker, Asha, a D&I specialist who takes the fear out of diversity, equity and inclusion. She will explain how we can be active allies to the LGBTQIA+ community, how small steps support people every day and how to consider the next generation of talent with their diverse identities and needs.

We'll be discussing the current climate for the community in the UK, US and beyond and how we can foster talent in all its diversity. There's the opportunity for an anonymous Q&A too. We don't always know the answers and there's no shame in that - fill in a quick anonymous form before the event and we'll answer your question live.

All proceeds will be donated to the charity, UK Black Pride which is Europe's largest celebration of LGBTQ+ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American and Middle Eastern descent. They're trans-inclusive and advocate, fight for and support LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Stay curious

In case it's useful, here's how we approach being inclusive:

We educate ourselves constantly

If we’re unsure, we’re curious, not closed.

We listen properly.

If a voice isn’t heard, we ask them to speak up.

We check our own privilege.

We back other folk who do the same.

We go to events like these

The next generation of talent will choose the brands who live these values. 

We hope

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