The First Profiles Poll

The First Profiles Poll

April 18, 2023

Last week, we created the first in a series “Profiles Polls” - kicking off the week with the highly debated question,

“When you’re looking for jobs, which perk sparks your interest the most?”

As Consultants, it’s essential we understand exactly what our candidates are looking for when it comes to jobs and what actually sparks their interest when it comes to searching for the next step in their careers. 

This was the first poll in the series, the findings were super interesting and caused some debates in the office!

Our options were:

- Unlimited holiday

- Flexible hours

- Health & Wellbeing bonus

- Other - let us know

Without much competition… the clear winner with 68% of the vote was Flexible Hours, showing that candidates in the UK are putting the generic 9-5 working patterns behind them, and it seems to be a thing of the past for them. They’re branching out from the generic working hours and searching for hours that suit them and their needs. 

Coming second, with 14% of the vote was Unlimited holiday. The statutory holiday allowance in the UK is 28 days (including bank holidays) and many large companies have started bringing in unlimited holiday plans to allow their employees to take days as and when they feel like they need a break - this helps decrease sick days and also increases productivity as their employees will be satisfied at work.

Health & Wellbeing bonus received 10%, and coming in last place was Other

Responses for ‘Other’ included a fully remote working environment - allowing people to work from all over the world, and financial rewards was also mentioned.

Overall, this was a result that makes perfect sense and was a great insight into the candidate market currently. Did you learn anything you didn’t already know?

We can’t wait for the next Profiles Poll! If there’s something you’d love to know about the current market then get it in touch and let us know!

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