Top 5 Benefits Of Working With Remote Freelancers

Top 5 Benefits Of Working With Remote Freelancers

January 25, 2023

Should you work with remote freelancers? The answer is (we think)… YES! Here are just a few of the many, many benefits of working with remote freelancers…

1.           Flexibility 


Freelancers tend to have a flexible schedule so there’s more scope in finding someone that can accommodate your project, whether it’s a 2-day, 2-week or 2-month booking. Working remotely is a part of our new ‘normal’ these days and freelancers have been doing it longer than most… so you can be sure that you’re getting a seasoned pro when it comes to working from home. Remote-working freelancers can be super-flexible with their working hours too (even if it includes a Sunday afternoon!). 


2.           No Office Space


Remote freelancers save you the cost of a seat in the office. This usually means no need to supply a desk, a chair, a computer or anything else they may need. The majority will be set up to use their own tech, which can lower your costs significantly. Another advantage with this is that freelancers tend to stay on top of the hottest new tech or trends to remain competitive in their market, giving you access to top-level tech, experience and up-to-the-minute design.


3.           Budget


If you don’t have a generous budget, the freelance market may be surprisingly beneficial to you. A recruiter can find people willing to work on smaller projects in their own time. No commute means time constraints are rarely a problem (not to mention it being more cost effective for everyone), so it’s straight to the desk and straight on the project in a perfect set-up – making for quality results.


4.           Reach 


A remote freelancer could be anywhere in the world and this gives you an unlimited pool of talent to pick from. Finding the right fit might take some time but you’re now not limited to any specific area, opening up a whole world of opportunity! Using a specialist recruiter can take the stress of finding the right fit for your project off your plate completely… and if they aren’t restricted to a locality, the sky’s the limit!


5.          Immediate Starts


Any HR professional will tell you that training an in-house employee is costly and time consuming but that it is essential to running a business properly. It’s easy to bypass the stress whilst looking for a new hire or training people up by hiring remote freelancers.They can start straight away (in the middle of the afternoon, from home if you need), without time spent on training. You can book highly-skilled workers based on the exact skill-set you require, who can hit the ground running at a moment’s notice. 


Freelancers provide plenty of benefits for any business. The pool of talent is limitless and cost effective, even for the smallest business. Finding the talent you’re looking might just be a click away.


If you’d like to talk to a consultant today about finding a freelancer – you can also get in touch by giving us a call on 0207 3360034 or sending us a message to We’ll get straight back in touch.

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