E-on Launches New Energy Efficiency Campaign

E-on Launches New Energy Efficiency Campaign

Jen Kinnear
March 29, 2020

People searching for marketing jobs might have noticed that E.ON has launched a campaign to encourage consumers to use less energy.

According to a piece in Marketing Magazine, the organisation will implement print and outdoor advertisements to suggest it is keen to reduce energy wastage regardless of the commercial cost.

In addition, a micro site has been created which promotes the group's campaign in a digital format.

The energy supplier also conducts low-carbon research and carries out education initiatives.

Commenting on the strategy, Jeremy Davies, director of brand and communications at E.ON, stated: "We genuinely want to engage with people about the energy issues that matter to them."

Regarding energy-saving solutions, he added that the organisation wants to "give consumers a clear, simple and honest answer".

News of the promotion may encourage those seeking marketing jobs who are eager to learn how successful strategies are implemented through both print and digital means.

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