Integrated Marketing Campaigns Increasingly Commonplace

Integrated Marketing Campaigns Increasingly Commonplace

Jen Kinnear
March 18, 2021

Marketing jobs could increasingly encompass digital formats, judging by the comments of one expert.

Kevin Dendy, commercial director at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), suggested there has been a convergence of various advertising forms led by a burgeoning digital sector.

Regarding the importance of social media and mobile marketing to promotional campaigns, he said: "It's all about being integrated. You run social media campaigns on the back of direct marketing. You run mobile, you run email ? it all runs in tandem to get the best results."

As such, it might be a good idea for those seeking marketing vacancies to familiarise themselves with issues related to web-based strategies.

Mr Dendy also hinted the DMA is putting social media and digital approaches at the forefront of its strategic objectives.

Recently, the marketing software solutions company Unica revealed social media and mobile channels are increasingly being adopted by marketers, with almost half of such groups surveyed already embracing these kinds of campaigns.

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