Who's Hiring

Who's Hiring

Jen Kinnear
June 21, 2021

The last year has been challenging for us all but finally, we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We delve into the impact of the #covid19 pandemic and reflect on the last year, who’s hiring and which trends are coming through.

One thing we have seen come out of the pandemic, for both employers and employees, is remote working. Now, A* candidates can work for anyone, anywhere and employers can scout their talent from across the UK, without the need for anyone’s relocation. Traditionally, London has had the biggest pool of talent in the UK and now, not only have other areas been tapping into this London talent pool but the need to be in the capital to get the best opportunities has decreased. This has meant a real growth and breakthrough for smaller companies that might have had less access to these candidates before and a wider scope of opportunities for those that live elsewhere.


So who's hiring? Which areas have seen growth and where have we seen roles shift? As you may expect, Clients are investing in digital and online more than ever. companies are going through huge digital transformations - and sooner than they may have anticipated. We have seen a huge influx in the need for UX designers, Motion Designers and Social Media Design. The Beauty sector has grown by around a third and pure-play e-commerce seeing a sharp rise, especially in Lifestyle, Wellness, Health, and Beauty.

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