Lifting Your Head In The Start Up World

Lifting Your Head In The Start Up World

Jen Kinnear
May 30, 2019

I wanted to write an insightful piece about marketing and start-ups, but was struggling for a new angle that had not been written before?

What insight could a recruiter offer that partners with businesses that are so innovative, disruptive and fast paced?

Well let's try

A bit of narrative - I am meeting clients for lunch, as with most of my clients, I have successfully recruited for them in the past. But today I did something wrong; I got here early! Not 15-20 mins but a whole hour. No problems, time to catch up on emails maybe send a few WhatsApp’s and even check into social media. Here was the thing, my battery was low so I had to put it behind the bar to charge and the barman would not give it back.

He told me; "You have an hour of time you didn’t have before, have a beer and enjoy. If you want someone to talk to over the counter I am here. Why not connect with someone face to face?"

So, I did - his name was Michael, he was from Bulgaria and had been in London for three years, he loves documentaries about nature and technology and is fascinated about how tech connects and disconnects us at the same time. I haven't met a friend for life nor have his views changed my own outlook but I have if only for an hour lifted my head and engaged.

Flip that situation to running a start-up; Founders by their very nature are driven, engaged and focused on their brand, company and mission. But how often do they lift their head and engage outside of that? Some would argue that this is how you build and succeed but it's got to be tempered with a broader insight.

I have worked with founders of series A and B funded start-ups over a broad industry sector and what does in my humble opinion mark those that will become the next unicorn?

It's the founders that lift their heads over and above their skill set, recognising what bringing in new and different people can achieve. This has so much impact especially when it comes to marketing - whether it is B2B or B2C the customer has to be right. They have to be relevant not just from a product point of view but as a brand.

Recruiting for a senior marketer to some can be seen as an unnecessary cost but my advice would be to look at the long-term benefits that they can bring to the business.

Marketing a business takes time, dedication and patience, with the right person they can elevate your company.

Instead of focussing on hiring for the right now, look ahead to the future.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years not in 5 months?

I would partner with you to ensure that we understand your business needs – I will find the perfect candidate with the right skillset, industry experience that compliments your company culture. Marketing is sometimes undervalued in the start-up world, it is seen as a cost with no real way of tracking its impact. However with investment in London start-ups at a 40% rise since 2017, now is the time to hire a marketer to help evolve your brand and set yourselves apart from the rest.

With over 14 years experience in marketing recruitment and a focus on the startup and growth business market, I talk to and meet candidates every day that can do this for you so if you would like to discuss how they can impact your business, please give me a call on 0207 324 0479.

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